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Praise our holy almighty god and lord and savior jesus christ!

This app is great bless them for creating it gods word will alway find its way to us and those who are lost. Bless all those who have this app and use it in jesus name AMEN!!


Thank you for this app.

Lovely words of God!

I love reading the Bible it give me peace..

Fantastic App!

Love it!


Thank God his word it shareable thru here

God is first and always first. You better belive that

Always first you better believe that always believe that. Anyone that derespect God You will be removed and you better believe that


Love this app because it helps me connect with God.


I just love this app, I dont carry a bible anymore since I downloaded the app. Love it!

Great !

I love how you can create images, watch videos, and learn how to read the Bible everyday ! Definitely gets me closer to God !

Love This!

I absolutely love this Bible!

This app is like a blessing to everyone in the world

I use this app every single time I get the chance at church.

Awesome ways to learn about Jesus


A Bible You Carry Everywhere

I love the devotion plans you can read every morning. Praying every chance you can helps you realize just how easy it can be to spend time in his word. My family loves it.

Awesome app!

I love this application because it helps me stay connected with Gods word everyday with the Bible plans.


I am a new believer & the studies on this app have helped me strengthen my walk with Jesus Christ!! Dont pass it up!

You version

Very easy to use. So thankful to have a bible with me whenever I have my phone with me. The plans are also great to challenge me. Thank you.


I have bad anxiety and I refuse to take medication and reading the Bible and having versus pop up on my phone has been life changing. God Bless

Thank you for a 10/10 App!!!

If you are looking for an app that provides multiple translations and relevant studies, look no further!! I love and use this app daily!

Really helpful app

Love it has really helped me keep discipline in reading the Word.

Love this Bible app

Easy accessible

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