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Is the best bible app on the market. Appreciate the effort to bring me in better communion with God.

Bible reading

Love it?!

Great, and Easy to Use!

This app is amazing, when I wake I have a verse to read, and I can easily make individual graphic images for verses using my own pictures for the background, as well as the multitude of ones selected. Also, I can use the image selected for the background! I love it!


Bible on the go!!!

Love this App

I read the Bible in a year using this app.. I tried doing it myself with my actual Bible but it was so hard to keep track of progress and where I stopped.. This was so easy and very enjoyable.. I love there is a devotional for almost everything.. ❤️

Great Bible App!!!!

I like not only reading and listening to the Bible. I also like that you can create Bible verses to post on Facebook.

Amazing app

I love receiving verse of the day! Sometimes it comes at the most needed moments!!!

Love it

This is one of the best app out..

Daily Bible reader

Very useful to read different versions of the Bible

Its fiction

Why is there an app for this?


I love all of the different versions of plans to go to. Its helped me, and I was able to share it with others.

Great ap!

I love how much good content it makes available

Wonderful, handy and easy to use

Love that the Bible is with me anywhere I go. What makes this app so great is the ability to download almost any version you prefer. The plans are also fantastic and helps keep me on track with bible study.


The app allows me to study in-depth. Its user friendly and offers a number of versions and translations. I use the reading plans to study and there is a plan topic for everything! An amazing way to stay in the Word.

Lampara a mis pies es tu palabra, y lumbrera a mi camino.

Thank You Lord for this amazing app. Please use it for Your Glory Lord. Amen. And amen. Update on my review. I strayed away from God about a year ago and Im starting to realize that I am nothing without Jesus in my life. I thought I would make myself happy by doing the things I used to do. But all it has done was bring me strife and sorrow. Im sorry Lord please forgive me and please take me back again.

love it

this app is amazing

A great way to regularly read your Bible!

Because of this app, I read through the entire Bible in less than a year! I love all of the devotionals it has! It has really helped me get into a good habit of reading my Bible daily. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone!

Great App

This app is great! I love it because its a quick, efficient, resource when studying or looking up scriptures!

So much more that reading the word of God!!

I found it awesome you can start devotionals and friend people who are also interested in this app!You can highlight important things and turn some of you favorite pictures and post them on the Bible app. I have so much fun on this app while reading the Bible!!?

Rating Bible APP

It is inspiring & comforting to the daily verses. Thank you.?

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